We hope that you enjoy your visit here and viewing the pictures that come from life experiences that are filled with joy, adventure and passion!

"A good photograph is never silent. It speaks loudly or whispers furtively. It laughs or weeps. It shouts defiantly, a fist punched to the sky. But a good photograph is never mute. NEVER!"

Blessings and Gratitude!

Ennis Photography

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Thank you for your continued service in providing these great school pictures! The website is easy to navigate and to complete the download.
I haven't even seen the pictures yet but want to say what a great team you two are at creating a warm, fun, relaxing atmosphere while the photos are being taken. I would imagine that plays a large part in what makes a photo go from great to ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!! I can't wait to see the final picts! Thank you both!! ; )
20.Lana Holland(non-registered)
My granddaughter Tara Holland's photos are wonderful! You captured her true beauty.
19.Laurie Parson(non-registered)
Kaitlin Applegate Winter Pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!!