Thank you for your continued service in providing these great school pictures! The website is easy to navigate and to complete the download.
I haven't even seen the pictures yet but want to say what a great team you two are at creating a warm, fun, relaxing atmosphere while the photos are being taken. I would imagine that plays a large part in what makes a photo go from great to ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!! I can't wait to see the final picts! Thank you both!! ; )
Lana Holland(non-registered)
My granddaughter Tara Holland's photos are wonderful! You captured her true beauty.
Laurie Parson(non-registered)
Kaitlin Applegate Winter Pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!!
Erin T.(non-registered)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Pam and Rod, you are fabulous! We are so excited about the pictures you took of our family. These photos mean so much to my mother- I can't thank you enough. You will hear from us very soon in regards to which photos we decide upon. Thanks again for your talent, time and the memories you have captured!

With Many Thanks,

FatBoySlim & HAWGWILD(non-registered)
Ennis Photography has helped the band tremendously and we are forever grateful. They do awesome things with the pics and make each one a masterpiece. Hats off to you. You actually rock the Photo World.
Deanne Collett
Pam and Rod, thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of both my dauthers. Both of you are such wonderful photographers. I love the way you think through each pose to capture the idea or vision of what my girls wanted. You made them feel so relaxed and special which is evident in the photo's you took. I've shown many people your website and I've also told everyone I know about your superb photography skills. I know of at least one person that is going to contact you to take pictures of her son's wedding. I look forward to you taking the newborn pictures of my granddaughter (whenever she decides to make an appearance - lol!) and doing our family portrait (which is long overdue!) If you ever need a place to bring someone to get their pictures taken, you are more than welcome to bring them to my parent's property. Or, if you just want to come swimming or fishing, you are always welcome! We can plan a cookout or bonfire - just let me know and we can make it happen :) Thanks again Pam and Rod! You guys are AWESOME!!!!! Love, Deanne
Tom & Lillian Voeller(non-registered)
Thanks for your display of the beautiful Foxcliff :-)
We often take for granted how blessed we are and seeing these amazing photos of the area make be think about the "8th Wonder of the World" that we live in every day!!
Thanks for sharing.
Laurie Parson(non-registered)
When my sister showed my pictures of my nephew from here for his senior pics....I was stunned. They were the best I have seen in a long long while. It was even better to see his picture on here as part of your advertising. Nice work and can't wait to see you take my seniors pictures here very soon. Awesome job!
Lisa C(non-registered)
These are amazing photos! I enjoyed going through your website and viewing your beautiful art. The landscapes are breathtaking...
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